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Kerry Kirkpatrick

Southeast Alaska is a dynamic land/seascape, defined by the rising and falling tides, the rising and lowering of cloud layers, and the increasing and decreasing of the light throughout the year. That back-and-forth push and pull is like breathing in and out. The land and the water are constantly redefined, and they ask me to change with them constantly.

Spring Light, Kerry Kirkpatrick
Low Tide, Kerry Kirkpatrick


Land and Sky

I’ve spent the last thirty-five years working on the water, a place to catch the distant views, the grand scale; the reflected land and sky in still waters and vistas obscured by storms and fog. To me, this wild environment is also a reflection of my own human emotions and memories. I am pulled by dark stormy grays, lulled by the bright blue days, and always, the colors both vibrant and subtle, at times thrown against each other, excite.


Explore Expression

As an artist, I want to explore the expression of that emotion, pulled between the illustrative and the abstract. I try to capture the local places that I love to walk and hike in a more illustrative way that are recognizable, while the more abstract paintings leave room for exploration and the possibility for others to see something completely different.

Southern Ocean, Kerry Kirkpatrick
Chatham Passage, Kerry Kirkpatrick
Brotherhood, Kerry Kirkpatrick


A Place We Call Home

We are surrounded by the push and pull every day, but sometimes art can help us reconnect to it, and rediscover the power of our environment. For me art is communication. Expressing myself, showing what I feel; a voice in paint, a conversation with the viewer, and a love for this place we call home.

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